Our Memorial Properties

Our goal here at Oak Grove Memorial Gardens is to make end-of-life planning easy on your budget. We know how hard it can sometimes be to make the important decisions in life, and don’t want you to postpone making them simply because of finances. That’s why we offer 0% interest on all pre-need contracts for property and markers, or headstones. With just 10% down, your family can stretch payments over five years. That’s 60 months, interest-free.

Meaningful Solutions... Affordably-Priced

Don't leave my resting place unmarked,

As though you never cared…

We know how much you care. You would never want to neglect the memory of a loved one, simply because of the worry of expense. That’s why you need to know that families who complete a pre-need contract with Oak Grove Memorial Gardens pay an average of $115.00 per month. In today’s economy, that’s less than what they spend during a trip to the grocery store.

The peace-of-mind that money buys them each month is nourishment of a different kind. It’s spiritual and emotional nourishment, which comes from planning for the inevitable future, with a trusted local business, and in the process, saving money.

Scatter me not to the restless winds,

Nor toss my ashes to the sea…

Each of us here knows first-hand how emotionally essential it is to have a place of remembrance. Our experience has taught us that a memorial to a loved one is an expression of two basic human needs: that of remembering the past, and the need to be remembered by those we leave behind. Having a special place to visit gives those left behind priceless peace-of-mind from knowing their loved one is close-at-hand.