Memorialization & Cremation

More families today are choosing cremation instead of traditional burial. In fact, according to the National Funeral Directors Association, over 38% of Americans preferred cremation in 2011, and that number is expected to rise to over 50% in 2025.

Scatter me not to the restless winds,

Nor toss my ashes to the sea…

We have learned from experience that this decision leaves families wondering what to do with the cremated remains. They also question the best way to memorialize their loved one after the cremation has taken place. Irving families, we are proud to say, turn to us to help them make these decisions.

And we hear stories, “cautionary tales,” describing the unsatisfying choices made either by them, or someone they know, regarding the disposition of a loved one’s cremated remains.

Perhaps they took the ashes home and over the years, the urn went from mantel to closet shelf, to the laundry room, and finally into the garage, where they were stored along with the workshop or gardening tools.

Or perhaps the family chose to scatter the ashes at sea, or somewhere important in the life of the deceased. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but now they were left without a special place to honor and memorialize their loved one. And the generations to come have no place to reflect on their family’s history.

Remember now the happy times,

The family ties we shared…

We want you to know that in choosing cremation, you are not limiting your Memorialization Options. Oak Grove Memorial Gardens has many beautiful locations for you to place the ashes of your loved one, including garden columbaria, as well as in-ground interment areas. Inviting places for you and your family – and future generations – to come for reflection, annual honoring ceremonies, or simply to find moments of peaceful quiet in your busy lives.

Don't leave my resting place unmarked,

As though you never cared…

Creating a unique memorial to a loved one is an expression of two basic human needs: that of remembering the past, and the need to be remembered by those we leave behind. The internal drive for remembrance is so strong that we’ve often been approached by families who – at the time of their loved ones passing – chose to scatter their ashes, and were now left without a permanent place to honor their memory. They come to us to create a memorial, which then becomes a focal point of family remembrance ceremonies. By having a special place to visit---complete with a special structure – a grieving person can achieve the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that this special friend or relative will always be “nearby.”

Deny me not one final gift

For all to come to see...

“Death ends a life,” said Jack Lemmon, “not a relationship.” Honestly, no truer words have been spoken. The relationship you had with a loved one has changed, but it continues on, for years after their passing. Oak Grove Memorial Gardens is the ideal setting for continuing a cherished relationship.

A single lasting proof that says

I loved...and you loved me.

It is our goal to help you create a lasting memorial and place of pilgrimage for present and future generations to pay respect to your loved one. This unique place will:

  • Serve to preserve your family's heritage
  • Be a tangible realization of that deeply personal emotional journey, which you experienced when lost your loved one
  • Become a meaningful and unique symbol, binding you and your loved one forever, and providing a lasting expression of love and devotion
  • Provide a place of quiet solitude for you to visit as often as you need to, peace-of-mind

By interring those cherished remains, you pay respect to your past and link yourself forever to future generations.  Call us at (972) 579-1844 today to open the conversation about memorialization and cremation. Or just stop by our office. We’ll be honored to serve you.

Credits: The poem woven into the text, One Final Gift, was written by D. J. Kramer.